Nerve Injury & Limb Pain Program

We are experts in diagnosing and treating patients who are experiencing pain and/or loss of function after nerve injury, trauma and/or amputation.

If you’re suffering due to loss of function or debilitating pain, our specialists can provide the right care to help you manage the discomfort and find relief.

woman gripping hand in pain
upper extremity nerve pain illustration

What we do ...

Our renowned surgeons provide the most up-to-date care and advanced surgical solutions for managing and treating:

Nerve Pain
  • Targeted Muscle Reinnervation (TMR)
  • Regenerative Peripheral Nerve Interface (RPNI)
  • Nerve Repairs/Grafting
  • Neurolysis/Soft Tissue Coverage

Limb Loss and Amputation

  • Targeted Muscle Reinnervation
  • Prosthesis Fitting
  • Soft Tissue Coverage
  • Common Prosthetic Options for Amputees

Nerve Lacerations

  • Nerve Repairs
  • Nerve Tube Connections
  • Nerve Grafts
  • Nerve Transfers
  • Tendon Transfers

Brachial Plexus Injuries

  • Nerve Transfers
  • Nerve Grafts
  • Tendon Transfers
  • Muscle Transfers
  • Joint Fusions

Spinal Cord Injuries and Paralysis

  • Nerve Transfers
  • Tendon Transfers